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We are committed to helping charities and programs supported by the Ayala Foundation, Inc. in the Philippines.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Organization & Foundation
» How can I contact BuyandShare.org?
» How do I register and open an account?
» Can I edit my account details?
» How do I add & edit a project?
» How many projects can I have posted/in process at any given time?
» How long does an un-funded project stay on the website?
» What are the fees involved?
» If my project is partially funded and it expires, what happens to the donations?
» How do I remove a posted project from the site?
» How can I find out who donated to my project?
» How do I post photos/albums?
» What is Private Messaging?
» How will I update donors on completed projects?

Donors & Buyers
» How do I register?
» How do I make a donation?
» How do I know that my online donation is secure?
» I did not receive a copy of my donation receipt for tax purposes. How can I get another copy sent to me?
» Is there a minimum donation?
» Where should I send my check?
» Can my donation be refunded?
» How do I know that projects are sound and that donations will be used as promised?
» How am I acknowledged for my gift? When can I expect to receive feedback?
» Can I communicate with the organization whose project I have funded? Can I visit their area?
» How is the project cost calculated?
» What is BNS Buyer Protection?


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